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Aug 20th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:30 am

Understanding 1031 Exchanges. This week we are joined by special guest Bill Kingdon of Ellis Realty Advisors. Bill brings in his expertise on 1031 Exchanges. We discuss what a 1031 Exchange is, the how, when, and why it can be a good option. We also touch on a couple other options besides the 1031 Exchange. It is always best to talk to an expert to see what would be the best option for what you are looking for. Thank you Bill Kingdon for joining us this week. You can contact Bill at the website for Ellis Realty Advisors here:


Aug 13th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:30 am

Be A Successful Dual Agent. Here in Massachusetts it is legal to be a dual agent, but check your local authority to follow the rules on dual agency. Dual Agency is where you take care of the buyer and the seller on the same deal. Requirements to your clients need to follow the acronym OLD CAR. Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability, and Reasonable Care. This podcast will help you with being a dual agent and the guideline you should follow to make sure that both sides are happy and that you are within dual agency guidelines. 

Aug 6th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:30 am

A Guide to Lead Segmentation. This week I want to talk about segmenting your leads. Segmenting your leads and classifying them can be a big help with sorting through what leads the most nurturing and what you need to do to move those leads up the ranks. On this episode we classify leads as being ranked A, B, C, and D. With A being the lead that is ready to buy or sell real soon and D being the leads that are very hesitant to talk and seem like they don't have any interest. I go over each classification and what you can do to nurture those classified leads to move them up the ranks.

Jul 30th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:30 am

Your Phone is a Powerful Tool in Real Estate. This week I go over why your phone is a powerful tool. In real estate we are seeing a rise in emails and texts being sent to other agents and clients alike, but your phone is still king. To often can a text or email show little emotion when contacting the other party and it can often be taken out of context. You meant to say it one way but because there is no emotion it can be taken another way which can be false. When dealing with leads, clients, or other agents the phone can be one of the best tools to communicate as your tonality can help with the conversations.

Jul 23rd, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:45 am

How to Handle a Multiple Offer Situation. In this weeks episode I go over more in detail how to handle a multiple offer situation. More often than not when you have an in demand listing a multiple offer situation might happen. Always talk with your listing client about multiple offers and go over them with your client. Also remember that once your client makes a decision on an offer to keep the other offers on the hook. Don't just send them away in case the original offer backs out or has an issue. You always want to have backup. I go over handling multiple offers all through this podcast. 

Jul 16th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:30 am

Listing an In Demand House. As real estate agents we always get excited when we get that one home that we know will bring in the people and create business and sell right away. This is a big opportunity to grow your business by gaining a lot of new leads that are looking for something similar. In this episode I go over how to properly list the home to maximize your lead generation and get that listing sold in a short amount of time. I also briefly touch on accepting offers and how to keep offers on the hook.

Jul 9th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 8:56 am

Time Management in Real Estate. Welcome to this weeks episode where I talk about time management in real estate. Managing your time for clients, leads, and personal can help you become successful. While not just for real estate but any professional time management helps accomplish a task and ensures that projects and duties are completed. By blocking out time for tasks it will help keep you on focus and complete them in a timely manner. Setting aside times through the day makes you more productive and be able to focus on that task at that moment. May it be lead generation, cold calling, talking to clients, or reaching out for information on a deal, time management is a savior for not getting distracted and completing what needs to be done to be successful.

Jul 2nd, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 10:00 am

Scripts to Help You Win. This weeks episode goes into talking to your clients and leads. Correctly answering questions or using these ways to talk to your clients and leads can help you succeed in real estate. More often do agents use dead end conversations with leads and clients when they should be listening and using strategy to have a conversation. This leads to very important information you will need and can land the lead as a client.

Jun 25th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 2:00 pm

Positivity in Sales. Staying positive and filtering out the negative in sales can highly affect your numbers. Speculation and leaning toward the negative is a basic instinct for most of us, but you never should project your negativity toward your clients. You can always handle situations in a positive manner and your clients will react the same way. In this podcast I go over being negative, being positive, and how each emotion can effect your clients and you sales.

Jun 18th, 2019 by Real Facts on Real Estate at 2:00 pm

Professionalism in Real Estate. Welcome to the 20th episode of the podcast. It has been a great twenty episodes and I look forward to many more giving tips on how to be a successful real estate agent. This week I go over being what it means to be a professional in real estate. Time management, schedules and scheduling, using the phone, and talking with other professionals are places where you as the real estate agent should be as professional as one can with your clients and others. I will go over some of the ways that I have seen where sometimes certain actions can make you look not as professional as you should be.