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May 21st, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Mold for Real Estate Agents. Today I am joined by special guest Al Hall from Baystate Mold Advisors. Al brings in his expert knowledge in mold and talks with me today on inspection, abatement, and assessment. We have all heard the word mold or mold like substance when dealing with a home inspection, and when some of us hear the word it could spell trouble for a deal. We touch on the subject mold and what to do when it is found and when it needs to be treated. A big thank you to Al Hall for joining us, I am sure we will be hearing from Al again soon. You can reach all at Baystate Mold Advisors by ohone at 508-930-7326 by email at or by visiting them on the web at


May 14th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Becoming a Winning Buyer's Agent. Being a buyer's agent means you are representing the buyer in a home sale. You are representing the buyer and making sure that you get them that home for the best terms available. A common question of who pays the buyer's agent comes up often, and a buyer's agent is paid for by the sellers at closing. The commission in most deals are split between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent. I review what it means to be a great buyer's agent and some tips on getting your client into the home they want. Be the best buyer's agent with these tips and tricks and soon enough you will see more and more business referred to you.

May 7th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Real Estate Marketing. This episode I go over the laws and rules in Massachusetts for real estate agents and brokers dealing with marketing. Today it seems like there is a trend where agents are creating teams within a brokerage and not following state regulations for advertising. I go over a few laws from Massachusetts, and most states have similar laws, so check with your local state to make sure you are following regulation.

Apr 30th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Your circle of influence in real estate. This week I touch on your circle of influence and why your circle of influence is very important to your real estate career. Our circle of influence is one of the best places to find someone who wants to sell or buy a home. I talk about how to use your circle of influence and implant the mindset that you are a real estate agent. Your circle of influence should always be the one to suggest you when they hear or talk to other friends that are interested in real estate. I go over how to build your list, how to communicate with your list, and how to make sure that when real estate is mentioned to anyone on your list that they remember you are a real estate agent and would be the perfect person to help.

Real Estate Customer Relationship Management Software. This week I go over using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. CRM software can help you in your day to day operations by keeping track of your leads, clients, and deals. Most CRM software also can take care of scheduling with calendars, integrate with email, and automate most leads and deals so that you never loose track of where you are. With automation helping in one deal or 20 deals a good CRM keeps you on track and knows where you are in a deal or a lead. When using a CRM best practice is to ensure that all information entered is correct and up to date. Epically in team settings, having a correct CRM lets you team members know where you are working with leads and deals. No one will have to guess what has been done and what needs to be done. I go over many parts of a CRM in this podcast and why it is one of the best tools to use to become a successful real estate agent.

We now have a new Facebook Group where agents, mortgage professionals, and anyone in the real estate field or are looking to get into real estate. Join the group and chat with other agents and professionals on real estate today. Look on Facebook for the group "Real Facts on Real Estate" or click here to join:

Apr 16th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:16 pm

VA Loan Myth Busting with special guest Patrick Queally from Hancock Mortgage Partners. Patrick Queally joins us this week from Hancock Mortgage Partners in Rockland, MA to discuss VA Loans and debunk some typical myths about VA Loans. We discuss who qualifies for a VA Loan and what a VA Loan has to offer. We also talk about the reasons why VA Loans are sometimes looked upon as a weak offer and discuss the myths behind them. Thank you Patrick Queally for joining us this week. You can contact Patrick Queally at Hancock Mortgage Partners by calling 781-888-5678.

Apr 9th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Mastering Lead Conversion. Marketing creates leads. So what do you do with them? 30% of leads never get contacted. Always follow up with your leads. New leads, old leads, friends, and family; always follow up. Having a CRM system is a great benefit for tracking your leads with follow ups and notes that you need. Ultimately you are looking for a definite yes or no from the lead. I go over the best practices for follow ups and contacting your leads. Statistics show that 40% of convertible leads convert on the first contact, and 90% will convert by the sixth contact. Always make contact with leads until you get the yes or no.

Apr 2nd, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Marketing 101. The most important job in real estate is branding. Personal branding is the biggest part of marketing you should use to get yourself recognized as a real estate agent. The best platforms for personal branding are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each platform has a different audience, so tailor your posting to each platform. Instagram is a visual platform while Facebook is a text/image based platform. Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts are other great platforms for content to show prospective clients you know what you are doing and they should choose you for buying or selling their home. Make sure ALL profiles are up to date on all major real estate searches. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,,, company blog, and the MLS. Make sure to maximize these profiles and that they are completely filled and current.

Mar 26th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Time for an Appraisal. This week I wanted to go over an appraisal. I go over a few key points used when submitting an offer and how to use these points as good negotiating material. I also wanted to go over what happens when that appraisal does come in under what was in the offer and how you can talk with your buyer and negotiate the deal.

Mar 19th, 2019 by realfactsonrealestate at 2:00 pm

Hosting a Successful Open House. How to grow your open house and how to make them successful. You don't need to have a listing to have an open house. Other options include other agents at your brokerage, for sale by owners, and expireds. using these options can grow your lead list, and this is what you want at the same time of selling the house.

You want to market your open house using the local paper, Facebook events, Instagram, MLS system, invite cards to the neighborhood, and your contact list. Put out signs to funnel people as far away as possible.

Get the home ready. Ask the client to clean up, put away valuables, and don't leave personal items out. Have some food ready for the buyers coming to the house. Put out water and soda. Plan guest traffic through the house. Use the main door and put a table near for the sign in sheet and a disclosure sign if applicable. Don't chase buyers around the home but be ready to answer any questions that may arise. Offer to take the buyers on a tour of the home but don't chase them.

At the end of the open house follow up with your sign in sheet. Offer to show them the house again. Keep this list for future homes at the same price point.