Real Facts on Real Estate

Mold for Real Estate Agents - EP16 - Real Facts on Real Estate

May 21, 2019

Mold for Real Estate Agents. Today I am joined by special guest Al Hall from Baystate Mold Advisors. Al brings in his expert knowledge in mold and talks with me today on inspection, abatement, and assessment. We have all heard the word mold or mold like substance when dealing with a home inspection, and when some of us hear the word it could spell trouble for a deal. We touch on the subject mold and what to do when it is found and when it needs to be treated. A big thank you to Al Hall for joining us, I am sure we will be hearing from Al again soon. You can reach all at Baystate Mold Advisors by ohone at 508-930-7326 by email at or by visiting them on the web at


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